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The issue to be aware of:

These forums are a tiny fraction of the people that picked up the game.

The people talking in this forum are mostly the same people repeating themselves (myself included, and note I'm on the 5-6 party please). So we're a fraction of the forum which is a fraction of the audience.

So, the large amount of pages seen here probably don't amount to a particularly large demand... sadly.

Quoting Josh Sawyer from his Pillars of Eternity 2 post-mortem: "Just because a complaint about your game comes from a vocal minority, it doesn't mean it's wrong".
He was speaking about "hard lessons" learned from that game development', beta test and release, for the record.

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+1 basically i have the same thoughts exactly. i think what poe2 did worst was that they purposely made the UI to cap the party to be at 5 where they intentionally not allow people to increase the party size. that's really a bad move IMHO. if bg3 latest patch according to you are heading that direction, then larian is basically doing the wrong thing which i hope they are not.
Ironically enough Sawyer also stated that the decision was dictated by the game being real-time and making following all the characters hard to follow for some testers, and that if it was turn-based (which it happened to become as an optional mode later) he would have made an entirely different decision. He even joked about Battle Brothers let you control 12 mercenaries and it's perfectly fine (and it is, play Battle Brothers, people!).

it seems like focus testing leads almost invariably to terrible short term decisions, somehow far worse for the game that what the "vocal minorities" suggest.
See how Larian decided to add levels to the enemies in the game even if they aren't a thing in D&D because "because gamers these days expect to see them and some internal testers complained about it" before EA even started.
D/D games went on just fine without leveled enemies for 30 years or so, but now they are a necessity because people can't tell apart Baldur's Gate from World of Warcraft or something.

EDIT - Fuck it, I'm getting senile. Apparently I already talked about some of this stuff barely one page ago.

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Party control in Baldur's Gate 3 is a complete mess that begs to be addressed. SAY NO TO THE TOILET CHAIN