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The point is, it isn't just elves versus humans. Sometimes it's hard to tell race just by looking at a character unless they are stereotypical versions of their race.

But stereotypes are boring. There is no diversity at all, then. It also doesn't make sense. I like that Larian tries to avoid cookie cutter NPCs, making various models. Some are obvious. Others are not.

So yes, make some tweaks so we definitely have some stereotypical elves and dwarves and gnomes, but don't necessarily take away from what we already have. That's all I'm saying.

There's always been a silly amount of diversity in D&D, even before it became the functional religion of the elites. So much so that the stereotypes for (male) elves are largely lost. The abnormal has not only become normal, it's completely subverted it - and with it come full circle and kicked diversity in the teeth.

Subverting expectations, particularly when it comes to elves, seem to be a recurring trend from Dragon Age, to Divinity Original Sin, to Baldur's Gate. I posit elven stereotypes wouldn't only be appropriate and wanted by the community, but actually somewhat of a breath of fresh air considering.

I agree there's little point discarding the work done already however - unless the task is resource intensive and Larian feels adding more elven options would require additional work for all other races/genders to balance the tally.