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I think if someone bothers to show up here, it probably means they are into game design and old school forums communication, which I'm sure is an even narrower subset. But they did say they wanted a gang to iterate with, so even a fraction of a fraction is better than nothing. I mean it's all just in the vain hope, that the developers might be more inclined to at least check out their own forums, if not endless reddit and steam threads. Even here the stuff just comes flying daily, so perhaps its just a repetitive bump echo chamber, but at least it keeps the thread title in view.

I still see party size 6 as the benchmark for EA feedback responsiveness. They said it would be mod'able, or Swen did in a glancing comment from one of the earliest promo vids, but honestly it would be so much better if the devs just built it in, so we could have native UI support. I understand the point about being forced to use more of the characters' abilities with the cap at 4, that's fine, roll with 4 then if its more fun. But for those of us who want the gold box vibe 4 is never going to cut it. 6 for the win!

i only play bg3 EA and completed it just once before the druid reveal. did larian made some changes to the UI that purposely restrict the modding of adding party characters more than 4? if larian did that on purpose like how obsidian did with pillars of eternity 2, that is a real bummer. i may not trust larian anymore.

There has been steps towards the opposite, however some elements in-game are only designed for parties of four, such as beds at camp causing some known issues with 6-player mods. I faintly remember some comments of aiming to open up modding more for user content such as that, but also modding support isn't provided until sometime after full release. Right now modding only consists of user-created applications to unpack .pak files from the game directory, and edit files in text editors. Unlike actual mod support similar to Dos2, which would allow modders to take the rest into account, such as placing down two more beds at camp, etc.

So Larian isn't actively trying to combat modders, but supporting it isn't on the agenda until full release either. (Which is why I'm saving my energy until full release, personally.)

thanks! but just wondering if they could have just make something different than bedrolls which restrict the number of party members? just wondering. if so then there may not have a need to mod the expanded bedrolls at all?

just wondering did anyone from mod community actually did rebalance combat in DOS2 for expanded party? i think it's not a difficult thing to do as i think it's only about rebalancing the enemy stats or placing more different/same enemies to the combat encounter to make the battle more challenging or rebalance for party of 6 instead of 4. also the number of battles in bg3 / DOS2 i believe are limited and no random encounters so i think it may not be a difficult thing i suppsoed.

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