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Definitely, I have the same predisposition. Backwards records all day! lol. Probably a better way to take the argument at this point. Just with like Parkinson illustration mic drops, and kinda non sequitur. We need a party of six, cause...

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haha sorry, the load for page 68 will now be a few seconds longer, but it was totally worth it lol

I think BG2 definitely went there, even if it was for sure more mid-late 90s in the look, with the giger style biomechanic influence ascendant and like the nightmare on elmstreet latex stretch, which BG3 definitely does at the start too. A crew of villains at 6 is the ideal. Like you need the spare slots for the knock off, and the expendables. Even if you like Penta pile on, or a final foursome, a triumphant trio, or a dynamic deadly duo. I just think the party with a fifth slot is better than just four, and a sixth would be even more epic than that! I hope it goes there in the afterlife at least.

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