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However - I do prefer if my games stay true to whichever universe they are representing. This is personally more important to me than the characters matching my personal preferences and liking.


I too was introduced to elves in Tolkien, and those laughing wood-elves versus the sorrowful Lothlorian elves…how I wish that could have been pulled off a teensy bit in the films! That would have been so good. Thinking if Elrond saying “Mr. Anderson”… lol

Dragon Age is an interesting example of consistency. They had very human looking elves that were considered very beautiful by other races in DAO. Then in DA2…baam…very non human looking at all, with much more exaggerated features. But then, I always assumed it was a limitation of the old DAO engine. And at leadt they were still considered beautiful in the game world despite the design change. They also changed their accents from this almost native american vocal structure in DAO to…Irish? In DA2. I chalked that up to the fact that these were Free Marcher Dalish but…it was a glaring difference to me that made internal consistency a little wobbly.

In BG3, my frustration is that elven and half elven faces are much too similar. Human face with elf ears for a half elf? Fine. The only difference for elves being slightly bigger ears than half elf? C’mon! I wish they would at least add more elven faces tgat are more true to FR.

But as with so many things…mods will give options eventually.