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correct me if i'm wrong. is larian not implementing the correct implementation of the dnd5e rules? if so why larian does that? i basically in favor of the implementation of how the rules supposed to be.
Larian used borrowed code from D:OS2 to launch Early Access faster. Said borrowed code was not written with 5e rules in mind. And, each patch we've had improvements to get closer to 5e (mostly from player feedback).

thanks. that explain why BG3 have striking similarity of being a DOS2 enhanced edition. most software developers they basically just copy paste and rework on the assets, UI and content from old codes and assets. they should perhaps change different artist and graphics designer as there won't be much difference when they reuse the same one from DOS2 devs.

back to point on reaction. i prefer the Solasta reaction. I believe it's the way how it depicts 5e. pls correct me if i'm wrong.