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It's so strange how the drow were done more justice than "ordinary" elves.

Drows and Elves share the same heads

Drow are elves. Still...perhaps it's all the ultraviolet radiation they avoid grin?

I think perhaps it's simply that some of the head models look better with the darker or more ashen skin tones drow can have, as opposed to the lighter values for the other three types of elves.

I know the face option with more Asian features seems to look better to me with dark drow tones than with lighter tones - not because the face itself is bad by any means, but just... I suppose it almost feels too "wide" compared to some of the half-elf faces? Like physically wide, jawline and head alike. But drow tones smooth that out a bit more, or at least seem to make it less apparent.

[Linked Image from i.imgur.com]

An example using my main drow character. Of course, angles and lighting help as well, but I've tried a lighter-skinned elf with that face and it was just somehow... off, I guess?

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