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Do Elf PC's go into the trance/meditation instead of sleeping?

Sozz beat me to it hehe

Yeah they sit cross legged with a 100 yard stare basically.

The main difference between Elf and Drow female heads that I can see, is that the one defaults to makeup 3 (cat's eyes) and the other to make up 9 (the smokey eyes.) They also start with hair at opposite sides of the haircut presets, different colored eyes and slightly different saturation in the skin tones. But otherwise the heads are the same. Those secondary elements do combine to make them seem rather different, but the shape the skull and basic features is the same. I think heads 3 and 4 are fine, they have some angles at the bottom of the skull and good ears, but not really the eyes or cheeks of the more stylized elven looks out there. All the other heads look more explicitly human to me, and I think would pass for half elves better than elves. I wouldn't mine one or two otherworldly elves with the more triangular skulls and somewhat larger eyes. Though I understand why its hard for them to make both looks look convincing next to each other.

I think at one end of the spectrum you have faerie looking creatures more the way Alan Lee drew them, and at the other end faerie looking creatures more the way Brian Froud drew them. Which is a convenient divide if you like their book, and about the best one can get for a marriage between the two extremes lol. I wouldn't mind having faces that serviced both preferences to be honest. They just need a lot more preset heads to make this work well. Like considerably more heads/faces than we have currently. There is really only have 1 head per gender per race that I like enough to use on a PC, which is kind of a bummer. Though the faces I do like are done quite well, there's just not enough of them or enough variety.

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