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One thing that this thread really illustrates is that you can't actually have an objective debate as to which of RTwP and TB is "better", since the answer is subjectively dependent on each player's preferences.

Two posts up, @GM4Him gives a perfectly rational explanation of why TB is preferable, but the rationale is based on personal likes and dislikes. If another player's preferences are the opposite of @GM4Him, that player would conclude that RTwP is preferable.

The more RPGs I play, the more I wish they would emphasise other aspects of roleplaying than combat/conflict, which is almost always the most lame part of the game.
Agree completely, and especially the last part. That is why I am very intrigued by and looking forward to hearing more about Sawyer's current RPG project at Obsidian, because it is said to be a no-combat story RPG.

Consider this as well. Right now, in a typical RPG, every character's "stats," which is to say such things as attributes, skills, abilities, etc., are overwhelmingly centered on and geared towards combat in the game. Imagine what one could do in those areas, the extent to which one could be truly innovative and ground-breaking, if you didn't have to define/orient/balance any of those stats for combat?