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Quite so. But I strongly disagree that combat is limited in the D:OS games and that they don;t have any trash encounters. Furthermore, at least in what we have been able to see so far, BG3 is pretty much ALL about combat and far too little else.
Well, I do think it's an area where you should give them more credit.
Every single encounter in their games is usually a one-time thing and pretty much every major fight introduces at least one new factor to consider.
They are also among the very few games that are STILL introducing new stuff and entirely unique enemy models dozens of hours into a campaign and up to the later acts.

Conversely, it's also true that some of the worst "cheesy mechanics" and overpowered combos that they love to actively encourage at some point start to become prevalent to the point where they actively "muffle" the tactical depth of some of their encounter design.

EDIT - Oh damn, somehow I ended in the "real-time combat" thread.

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