How is adding two more characters going to take them longer to make the game?

It's been done through mod already.

That's a pretty half ass excuse or counter argument tbh, no offense.

Logically, it makes no sense, since they're introducing more characters anyways, so that's basically an out of your "where the sun don't shine" answer tbh.

There's a whole list of reasons that goes on for so long, no one wants to write it all, about how just adding in one more character, not to mention 6 opens up so much more possibilities while you hardcore 4 player on a team people wouldn't even be affected much. Since you still get what you want, a 4 player team in a single or co op game.
But somehow that still affects your life enough to come up with the whole "it'll take longer to make a game, by adding something that's already planned to potentially be in the game already, but Larion is just debating if they want to or not take that path.

Following that logic I bet you guys get mad at people for playing a single player game a certain way that's not like yours too huh?

The difficulty argument is kinda invalid too, it's as if you're saying Larian would be half ass and not scale enemies accordingly.
The freedom of choice is always a good thing.
Some folks uses one character only, are you 4 player squad gon bash on them for playing with one character only?
Just let folks enjoy their game the way they want.
Heck if they have a 50 people on the team option, who cares bruh, let them.

It's like you're mad at me, because I shag my girl last night while you don't have one.
Me riding a car while you chose to walk.
I choose to hit the gym while you play video games.
How are you getting mad at folks for doing stuff that's not really affecting the choices you make?
How does it affect you at the end of the day?
It don't.

Are you going to pull my hands away from my girl as we walk because you have no one to hold yours? No, so why whine about people asking for more party members in a game that it makes sense to have a few more?

It's like you guys are stuck in this 4 player on a team loop mentality that's been the trend with games. You get offended at any mention of some different.
Or you probably don't have more than 4 friends or whatever.

Just let people get options man. Especially when the reasoning is valid enough vs "I don't like it because I've been playing 4 player teams my whole life" or "I'm too lazy to even play a game now that it has a function I won't use, so I'll whine about how hard it is to keep up with the game now that it has one more teammate on it."

Some folks man. 🤦🏻‍♂️
Closeminded ass community tbh.

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