If I understood correctly, this is the right place to write a suggestion regarding the developement of Baldur's Gate 3. smile I don't think this one needs it's own topic as I feel there's not much more to it than what I came up with ...other than exceptions to the situations mentioned below. And honestly this is a polish kind of thing.

My suggestion would be related to the dialogue scenes. The idea would be that when you hovering over a select dialogue line with a skill-check, your character facial expression would smoothly trasition over to express that specific intention. How I imagine it is like that the animation would have some small delay to start after hovering, so jumping between the options wouldn't create a weird back-and forth changes in the facial expression, making it more subtle and immersive. Most easily this would be functioning with the deception, intimidation, persuasion checks. What I imagined as quick examples for these actions the character would do the following mimikry:

deception - a smirk, menacing smile
intimidation - maybe the camera angle could change and show a more dark, scary expression
persuasion - a kindhearted / confident smile

I know the above would not fit into every situation...I can also see the counter-argument for the deception one, which beign: if you want to deceive someone you would not show any ill intent on your face. However I feel like that seeing our character while thinking about which dialogue option to go for is more of an an "inner" perspective, and not a real life representation of a conversation viewed from a third person, and therefore as an inner-self interpretation could still hold up in my opinion.

Thank You for Your time reading this!