I switched off the music because it’s become annoying after tens of hours spent in game and to my surprise I’ve discovered very rich, multilayered, atmospheric af soundscape. Inside illithid’s nautiloid is my favorite — menacing, otherworldly, industrial. Reminded me of what made Mark Morgan’s soundtrack for Fallout so good — it relied heavily on ambient industrial sounds incorporated into the music.

Said that I tend to think currently music doesn’t give player enough breaks. Add to this the repeating pattern in almost all of themes and you’ll end up getting tired of it very quickly. BG1 handled this by making music appear sporadically along the journey with the big chunks of world voiced by ambient sounds only.

Please keep up the good sound design work, Larian. It is a thing many (if not all) indy developers hugely underestimate thus failing to introduce the world which will end up a living thing.

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