I actually find RTWP unrealistic. I am 1 person. I cannot manage and shouldn't have to manage an entire party all at the same flipping time or they start acting like idiots either doing nothing or doing something stupid that gets themselves and/or the whole party killed.

Turn based allows you to act as 1 person at a time so you can make intelligent decisions during combat so your characters aren't going based off npc moronic scripts that have your party members chasing a single orc into a hive of other orcs before you can even realize what they've done. (True story from NWN2. Idiot Qara just kept running into orc squads until she died. Then like 20 orcs came for the rest of the party.)

I also hated when characters would waste powerful spells on almost dead enemies or healing potions when 2 seconds ;after my cleric was already cued up to heal them. I HATE RTWP. It's why I never finished NWN2 and TOB. I got to the end of TOB and stopped because I couldn't figure out why I was constantly dying on easiest mode. Characters all over the place and no idea why certain attacks weren't connecting or why a character was roaming off. I watched someone else beat it because it frustrated me so.