Been playing Pathfinder: Kingmaker because, you know, people swear by Pathfinder.

I will say this, the game starts with a party of 4, and I felt the restriction of it. I created a Magus (fighter mage person), and I had a bard, barbarian and cleric. It was a difficult mix. Later, I was able to add a 5th party member, a fighter, and it became easier because I was rounding my team out better in terms of skills and abilities. It really helped the overall party dynamic.

Then, the game won me over. I was able to Hire Mercenary and create ANOTHER CUSTOM CHARACTER to make my 6th party member. OMG how I would love to have that functionality in BG3! We also desperately need to be able to add and remove party members that are custom characters so that if we're playing multiplayer, and 1 player decides to quit, we can continue with the story and just drop that character from the party.

6 party members really rounded my team out better.

You know, I suspect that if they did a 6 party member game, they wouldn't need to fudge the classes like they're doing with all the homebrew nonsense. Part of the issue with a 4 party team is you need everyone to have the ability to sneak, to heal, to fight, etc. or you struggle through the game because you don't have enough party member slots to add all the roles you need.

And if you play multiplayer party of 4, you have NO room to add any origin characters or anything. You are literally stuck with your party of 4 and that's it. You can't add anyone else.

And from what I've seen, it looks like early game designs gave people the ability to have up to 6 party members! So what the heck!