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This just seems to be a badly designed area.
Agreed ... it could use some improvements.

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The traps that will attack you even if you're on the druid's side and there's no way to stop it except destroying them, which I'd rather not break the druid's defenses.
They dont attack you if you are sneaking ...
That is probably also the reason why they didnt attack those Goblins (since they are too small to being detected) ... im really looking forward for how will they react to Gnome. laugh My Halfling was obliterated by them tho, wich is kinda weird ... after all, i doubt that knocked out druid was "running out while sneaking" . laugh

Many people agree that they should not attack to someone who is wearing the crown that druid have ...
This sounds to me like good solution, since after all we are not suppose to be here no matter if we decide to help druids, tieflings, or goblins. laugh

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The chest which I think I've only ever detected the trap on once, if at all. That especially makes me feel irritated when playing a rogue and I've built for detecting and removing traps.
Problem here is that even if you detect trap, often your character dont react on it and you can go lockpick ignorantly anyway. laugh
Personaly i dare to say that if trap was detected, you should be system-forced to do disarm roll before you even try to lockpick ...

In this case, all those barrels and spiled oil is quite good hint that something is off around here if you ask me.
ON THE OTHER HAND THO!!! I just need to ask wich kind of druid would secure any secret passage with such natural disaster. laugh

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