The escape tunnel has always been awkward to me, but I couldn't figure out why until this thread really made me think about it.

For a game focusing on immersion and environmental storytelling, or at least what people believe it's setting out to do, the escape tunnel doesn't feel like it serves any narrative purpose right now. Sure, you get to save an unconscious druid in there from some goblins, but no one in the Grove even acknowledges the tunnel's existence from what I've observed. Not only that, but the overall layout is just excessively gamey.

1) For a corridor that's filled with druid statues firing at intruders, why are most of them pointed towards a random ass island instead of the actual path? There's a dead body implied to have been blasted, but there's nothing else on the island indicating why that person would have jumped there to begin with.

2) How did the goblins even get that far in without getting blasted or apparently not even acknowledging the existence of the traps?

3) Why is there even a trapped chest in there with a bunch of barrels nearby? Was it placed there by the goblins? Was it put there by the druids? Both questions are basically violations of any pragmatic sense - why would the goblins even go through that effort to begin with? They would have been likely to open that chest on the way in (and we should be seeing dead goblins and an exploded chest), considering their obsession with plundering everything they could get their hands on everywhere else. And why would the druids waste perfectly good resources like that, when the rest of the tunnel is already supposed to be trapped to hell and back. Just to be an asshole to random ass adventurers?

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