As title says , Give shapes that are supposed to have multiattack, their multiattack and at the CR lvl they are supposed to get them at, like if they wait til a druid is lvl 5 to give multi attack i will be angry, if they never give it i will be furious. Also Make the CR matter, otherwise circle of the moon doesn't matter. The thing about circle of the moon is wild shape is more about having choices and choices on diffrent combat forms. other druids may focus on wild shipe more on utility, but to moon druids , combat forms are everything . Taking away multi attack for the sake of other classes not getting extra attack by lvl 2 and having to wait at least 5 lvls to get it is a crappy thing to do, and tells me that Larian has no idea about how druids power curve works if they feel that is over powered. So I refuse to play til multi attack is given in wild shape to forms that are supposed to get a multiattack based on dnd 5e templates. Thank you and maybe good bye .

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