Ahh, the random invoking of Tolkien. It’s like invoking a fantasy Jesus who smokes a pipe.

Tolkien described elves as five things. Tall, slender, fair, with melodious voices, and with a light in their eyes. None of these are Halsin, who is squat, beefcakey, tan, gruff voiced, and as dead eyed as everyone else in game.

The only thing that makes Halsin elvish is his ears. But Tolkien might have had more to say about those, since I am pretty sure he never even described elves as having pointy ears in his books.

But that is all irrelevant. This is DnD. Not Tolkien.

Making the only difference between elves and humans being pointy ears is not a breath of fresh air…it is boring and a bit lazy and the antithesis of both Tolkienesque AND DnD elves.

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