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5e is already way more easy and tone down the need of a traditionnal party.

Everyone can use lockpicks. Most classes have spells or feature to heal. Most classes have a subclasses that can cast spells. Racial proficiency bonuses and/or feats allow you to custom your characters a lot,....

You don't need a healer, a tank, a wizard and a rogue. You can choose to create something else if you wish : you'll still have a lot of options for every character to become unique.

Classes remains unique but all of them have options to get more or less out of its primary goal... And that's really good.

But everyone should not always :

- be a healer/buffer (throw potion, potion as bonus action, scrolls for everyone)
- be a wizard (everyone can use every scrolls)
- be a rogue (hide as a bonus action)
- be powerfull in melee or with weapons (dipping, shoving as a bonus action, throwing,....)

That's how it works in BG3 because of the homebrew.
And that is not good at all in my opinion.

100% agree