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One thing that continues to bother me in all of these discussions about the combat system is that while you don't see anyone here insisting they won't play the game just because it is TB, there are several people posting that they would essentially boycott the game if it were RTwP. I think that says something about the TB fans versus the RtwP fans. It makes me wonder if I should also consider boycotting games for no other reason than because they're TB.
It's understandable because some players actually can't deal with RTWP cause of all the unending pausing and micromanagement, it's essentially unplayable to them. In tough fights things can get very confusing with everyone acting at the same time, and may be too fast for many players to keep track of everything. I understand that's not enjoyable. On the other hand, for those who are comfortable with RTWP, they generally can handle TB just fine; the worst it can be is that they would find it slow and boring, but it's not a big deal.
Well, for me the simplicity (yes it is TB that is tactically simplistic and RTwP that is tactically complex and superior), superficiality, immersion-breaking, and mind-numbing tedium of TB *is* a very big deal. But I still haven't ever boycotted a game just because of it.
RTWP forces you to either be good at pausing the game and micromanaging your party, or be good at programming your companions to be effective without your input. That's it. These are the only things that make it more complex tactically. I myself prefer a slower, more thoughtful approach to my characters' actions. Helps the immersion a great deal, by the way, because you have enough time and opportunity to switch between playstyles and mindsets of your partymembers, and make them feel unique and organic.