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Ahh, the random invoking of Tolkien. It’s like invoking a fantasy Jesus who smokes a pipe.
Forgotten Realms' elves owe a lot of their aesthetics to artwork on LotR, and that's a fact. So I thought it might be a good idea to point out the original inspiration for modern fantasy elves - like it or not, it's revelant.

And in BG3 some elves could pass as humans, sure. Others are different enough with their green/golden skin. Even though I'm more of a dwarf fan, I never looked at BG3 elves as boring.

While Tolkien might be indeed be relevant, saying that Tolkien would approve of elves = humans with pointy ears is silly when he never said elves even had pointy ears. Further, pointing out Halsin in particular is also silly because he literally encapsulates the opposite of every descriptor Tolkien ever used for elves. That was mah point.

Now, saying that *you* approve of those design choices is totally valid. Invoking Tolkien willy-nilly was my issue, not anyone’s personal opinion.

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Halsin is the child of Beorne and Arwen from LOTR. He's a big, buff shape changer with pointy ears and maybe a few elfish features in his face.

That said, I really like him as well. I agree that it's about time someone created an elf that wasn't the stereotype. I often wondered, do elves ever get fat? Do they have no ability to gain weight or bulk up? Are they always very ugly looking, because most images of elves aren't very attractive to me?

There are SO many types of humans. Why do all elves have to look a certain way?

Boerne and Arwyn! Lol…love this!! 😜

I don’t mind the elves one way or the other, honestly. Can make what I like with mods like every other rpg, so I am golden.

But then…why have races at all? Why not have a ball of cookie dough for a char creator that we can mold as we like and call what we like, picking stats and proficiencies as we like?

(I would be all for that personally…as long as the game is not WotC).

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