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Best character creator was Skyrim, imo. Make them how you want.


What? Really? I find Skyrim editor quite lacking, at least for males. The faces look ... a bit amorphous. The skinniest variant of the body is still like an anabolic agents abusing muscleman, one of the reasons I never play caster there. And of course we all know that Bethesda is not able to shape human feet (hint: they have toes!) in any of their games.

Ok, in the end it is personal taste. I would prefer a creation method without sliders but diverse good looking presets like in Dragon's Dogma over anything else.

In my opinion BG 3 elves and half elves need more slender and less muscular bodies, without body hair, or at least without chest hair. The faces especially of the elves should be less 1950s superhero-square-chin like. Generally I would like them a bit more androgyne.