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Best character creator was Skyrim, imo. Make them how you want.
I must disagree here ... yes you were able to adjust most (if not all) facial features, but you could never create Dunmer looking like Bosmer, Altmer, or any kind of Humans ... every race had specific facial features that was unchangeable and had to be preserved.
Therefore you were never able to "make them how you want". :-/

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It's like Vulcan. Are they REALLY different from humans? Yes. Stat-wise, yes. Appearance? Pointy ears. That's it. Romulan too.
Difference between Vulcan and Romulas as far as i know, is just cultural ... isnt it?
I thought they were same race, in biological matter.

Also huge problem with litteraly any fantasy race (until recently at least) is that they had to "look like humans" bcs they were "played by humans". laugh
I dont even know if that is even possible to find some person who would have face shaped as pictures showed in OP ... but i kinda doubt that. laugh
I mean sure, there are some exeptions ... personaly i REALLY love what they did with Tim Curry in Legend (where was also really nice goblins btw). :3
But in the end, they both are "just humans with long pointy ears and nose". laugh

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Klingon? Couple of ridges on the face.
Well ...
[Linked Image from hips.hearstapps.com]

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