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I like the character creator of Dragon Age Inquisition. I made my best characters with that, despite the atrocious lighting. But yeah, if there are no sliders in the final game, I want some more elfy elfs.
You obviously didn't have an elven male main character, making something somewhat handsome was super hard. Very frustrating that what looked decent in CC, more often than not came out weird in the real game.

Really not a fan of sliders where the vast majority lead you to making freaks in general. Presets are preferable to that...if the options are good and varied enough. For male elves they are not - which seems to be somewhat of a recurring trend.

While I never play male characters, if I can play female, I saw people create really nice looking male elves too. So it is possible. I'm actually very good with sliders, so I like them. They offer more variety

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