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While I never play male characters, if I can play female, I saw people create really nice looking male elves too. So it is possible. I'm actually very good with sliders, so I like them. They offer more variety

Out of so many thousands of players, of course it was "possible". My point is; a satisfying result shouldn't depend on the player either being artistically gifted, exceptionally lucky, or damned stubborn perfectionist like in my case. I wasted countless hours coming up with something vaguely satisfying between the CC, gameplay and cutscenes - each revealing deviant looks but not always immediately so. In my DA:I experience, the positive of increased variety offered by sliders was *much* less tangible than the negative sheer frustration it offered. The mechanic actually contributed to me eventually discarding the game before completion, having burned out on that process and way too many completionist Hinterland runs lol.

Mass Effect offered the iconic default Shepard preset, a host of mediocre alternative presets and sliders offering more mediocre variety. Having a really good preset option was much preferable to me. Default Shepard felt no less like *my character* between my roleplaying options and my specific builds. So much less time wasted between CC and the usual compulsive "new-characteritis" restarts. No frustration. Completed games...even Andromeda.

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