Oh damn that's right huh? I forgot they snapped up Obsidian a few years back. That would be quite fitting and kinda just desserts for a coup lol. Or like if Microsoft did a big end around and just bought Hasbro in the corporate gobble up game, just to put a black wizard in charge of the tower or something? lol. I can imagine the howls.

Its funny I still judge the companies and their northern border war rivalry based on the 1998 logo screens hehe. Even if Black Isle has polymorphed their name, they always keep it hella black and lightning, with pretty legit art direction.

I can picture the memo sealed and delivered 'using the ancient tongue. The art of kanly is still alive in the universe...' Lol. Would certainly give it some occult continuity for the 666th edition.

Hahah ok I can buy into that fantasy. Since this thread is just a post mortem now anyway and we know Larian isn’t about hitting pause. Maybe it should go that way for NWN3, like paint it black hehehe. This all makes me grin in good fun, but also for serious. Nice call!

ps. just pre-emptively, and so there's no confusion, I know the bioware obsidian vendetta is a made up joke thing created mainly by superimposition, but its still amusing to me. Also the idea of these giant 300 billion dollar conglomerates trading companies like magic cards to try and "stack" their decks lol. I rather like the idea of Dungeons and Dragons somehow not answering to Disney in the corporate daddy roundabout though. Just while we're down here hoping a clutch sale or acquisition somehow trickles out into cooler games in the long run, if only the franchise could get swallowed by the right whale. Fingers crossed!

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