Just as another random follow on, but I remember reading in some article from forever ago, that Urquhart thought BG3 would require like 25 million + dollars to budget from Atari to be considered "taking it seriously"... and that was right after ME dropped I think, like more than a decade ago. So nowadays we're easily running up into the hundreds of millions for top tier productions. Pretty wild. I mean talk about magic pockets hehe. I stopped following the numbers for the BG3 game, but didn't Red Dead 2 cost like almost half a billion to make? I sometimes wonder what it would really take truly make the legacy D&D digital game I want. It probably would take like a Microsoft type titan to go all in. Like when they just call it "Dungeons and Dragons" with no other qualifiers in the name, and drop a cool billion to make it the most expensive game ever made. With all the features, including pause, and then pin their whole entertainment brand on its success. Could you even imagine? Like where they spend 25 mil just on the character creator alone and don't even bat an eye lol. Like I don't know what they call it after Xbox X, Xbox Infinity I guess? And then launch it with D&D the way Zelda launched the Switch, like sweeping across the land, empire for the ages hehe. That would be such a dream! Wishful thinking I know, but I do like to indulge those kind of wishes.

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