Conflicted about this. Sure, he's funny, and tosses you the odd skillbook here and there (which you usually already have), but is his game interference just too annoying for most people? Setting off traps, blocking the path, sitting in hexes where you want to be, making the crypt puzzle almost unsolvable by constantly running across it ... And dying, of course. I keep him around because I'm expecting some sort of plot development or decent reward, but I'm starting to wonder whether it's worth it.

That said, he came in unexpectedly useful last night. I was trying to save the Black Ring folk from Magister Vorrh at the docks, so teleported the named guy outside, and when Vorrh followed out and cast Shackles of Pain, he shackled the named guy and ... Sir Lora! Because Sir Lora was not counted as being in battle, he healed after every round. Keeping one shackled guy alive was *lots* easier than three. (Don't ask me why he only shackled two characters. Maybe Sir Lora and Quercus count as two people?)