Yeah MS dropped 8 billion on the tabble to buy ZeniMax/Bethesda without batting an eye. They are truly serious about locking up Xbox as the premier gaming console out there (in addition to dominating the PC market obviously). And from the many, many interviews I've been reading, all the game studios they've bought are VERY HAPPY under MS's roof. They all say MS just gives them whatever resources they want and then leaves them alone to make their games as they wish without any interference. That is the dream for a game studio. I have no doubt that Obsidian is getting all the money it wants to make Avowed and TOW2, and inXile is now confirmed to be making TWO unannounced AAA RPGs using UE5.

But on the flip side, Hasbro is in a very good place financially right now, precisely because D&D 5e is bringing in boatloads of cash for them. So I highly doubt they're going to be open to getting bought up. But yeah, if they ever sell out, I truly hope it will not be to the new evil empire that is Disney.