I think they should use the same standards and ideals of physical beauty or general attractiveness they used on Human models on the Halfling models. Seeing them side by side you can tell that the Humans look like Olympians, with a chiseled Adonis or Venus like look, and features in perfect proportion to the standards of like magazines or films of the who's hot variety. The Halflings by contrast, look like they've been letting themselves go. I don't mean the heads, but the physical builds from the neck down. The pumpkin head thing on top of that, just makes it even more pronounced. That with the animation clips and weirdness like those spiderfinger and it makes the race pretty undesirable to play as a PC I'd think. I'd be curious to see how many people are even playing as a shorty? Between the Halfling's wonky models and the Dwarves not having a passing voice set.

I'd like different phenotypes for each of the humanoid builds, going pretty much from skeleton to massive hulk along one axis, and slender to heavy on another. But like for each humanoid PC selectable race. I'd like to see the same for the monsters actually.

But yeah, the heads on BG3 halflings are absolutely ridiculous.

I'd love to see just a half-scale Shadowheart Gale standing next to full-scale Shadowheart and Gale on that same rock, just to show what Halflings should actually look like in this game hehe.

ps. I have a hypothesis that if Larian were to change the Halfling models from what they are now to scaled down 1:2 Human models (retaining the same Human proportionality) that many more players would choose to play a Halfling as their PC.

They could test it, though somehow I doubt they will. Alas. I also think there is something about the vibe of taking a trip to Lilliput when you play as a Halfling that you totally lose if, for example, their cranium is markedly enlarged. It makes their scale relative to the environment feel not small enough. I know also that Halflings have a tradition of the giant hairy flipper feet and gangly arms, coming from older edition art direction or out of Tolkien, but I think that works against their appeal and I haven't minded seeing that go elsewhere. I think Dwarves and Gnomes are the humanoid races where the artist can play with proportionality in the Skull and Skeleton and still have it work pretty well. These Halflings all look like Dwarves to me. Halflings I think should just be half-sized Humans. I wish they'd go a different route with it than what they've been doing so far.

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