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This is talking about BG3 and removing the alignment system, it is gone Niara or it never existed. Pretty sure it was in a interview they talked about it, along with it mentioned some where else that they were moving away from the alignment system.

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5e is more about permissiveness and consequences, than it is about restrictions. Your clerical domains give you bonuses, rather than unlocking things that you'd otherwise be barred from. Light domain, for example, the purview of many of our fire and sun deities, gets access to *Extra* spells that suite that theme, which other clerics of different domains don't get.

A cleric of a good god that follows their healing and life folio, CAN ask their deity for Inflict Wounds, certainly, and if they are in good grace with their Deity, the god may well grant it to them under the assumption that it is with good cause. If they then go on to abuse that trust, or use the spell in nefarious or unjustified ways, then there may well be consequences for that between them and their god... because Alignment is NOT gone. It's not mechanically mandated with a hard rule structure, but is instead placed into the flexible space that exists between players, their DM and the role-play space of the world... but it's absolutely a part of the world and the system.

It was never restrictions, it was choice and what you describe is pretty much what I was saying.

Talking about removal of alignment actually reminds me of 3.5 books, Book of Exalted Deeds and vile of darkness. If I remember correctly there was a pacifist feature where you had restrictions to harming others but gained benefits from it. There was also scenario where you run into two succubus lovers, do you kill them because they are evil creatures or leave them be because they are a couple in love? The pacifist vs a normal cleric or the succ scenario always seemed interesting.

By this article https://www.dicebreaker.com/games/d...mprovements-racial-depictions-take-years

D&D is moving away from alignment based creatures, wonder what 6th edition will look like.

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