Do we have any news on how the origin characters will be handled in comparison to ours? I just saw a video where there was a full narration for many things from Astarion's pow, including but not limited to his own specific conversation options and new parts of the story we simply do not see when not playing as him. Which simply means that the Origin characters would have far more story than ours, having access to everything we do and having their own story... I am really not a fan of that, its not even just an option to play as them, its Larian telling us how to play the game instead of giving us as many tools as they can to let us play the way we want. I like Astarion, I dont want to play as him but I also do not want to miss out on huge chunks of what the game has to offer.. cant there be a middle ground?
Genuinely, why do we even need origin characters frown This isnt DoS, its BG, nobody expected them, but now they are here and a seemingly more important than our own created characters, that just doesnt feel right.