To the reskin refrain, it's not just that it has the words Baldur's Gate in the name. Like if this was Baldur's Gate: The Hamster Awakens, or Rogue None: A Baldur's Gate Story hehe, then sure, do whatever they want I guess. But they put the 3 in there! Called it Baldur's Gate 3! Like way to set the bar on the roof lol.

I probably wouldn't care at all if they wanted to go with this origins pre-gen idea, provided they got more of the rest of in order first, but they're running that idea up front. The enthusiasm I won't feel, when they finally unlock the tabs and I can switch from custom to one of their Origins characters, is palpable hehe. In a years time they could have been hitting us with a patch every month that adding to the custom char creation screen or content in the very early part of the game, and I'd be thinking they are working hard and doing it right. That's not really what they've been doing though. Or I don't know, maybe they have, and it's just going so slowly that I'm in like an event horizon situation? I'm over here thinking ok that ACT I is largely settled and showing us what will go in, but maybe they are going to drop heavy towards the end and start doing switcheroos all over the place? It's just hard to see based on what's been added in the first 5 patches though. They should go for broke on patch 6 and focus on doing something new with the char creation options, start banging out the models and showboat a little how ACT 2 is going to way more glorious than we're thinking now. Or how about even just dropping some promo art or banner updates that shows the game is something beyond those 5 characters we keep seeing over and over.

Like I don't know, maybe show Zevlor and Kagha doing a pose, or struzan'd out like the banner above, but showing Ragz and Gut looking ominous. Aradin at the Gate. Some of the chars the game is actually about, as opposed to the Chars of the party. Know what I'm saying? I mean that would start to make it feel right at least. Give the game more sense of scale, even at that level of what to promo and highlight. More than just the Origin companions all over everything