Haha I agree completely, with both of you. I dont know, something just doesnt feel right, especially with this being as you said, Baldurs Gate 3. After playing Wrath almost non stop recently, I am just not nearly as excited for BG3 despite the monumentaly higher production values and the obvious love the devs have for it, I am trying to tell myself that its stupid to be annoyed by the Origin characters and how they are treated compared to he PC, but the more I try not to think about it the more annoying it gets. I suppose it is a really big issue for me, I just dont want to feel being forced into playing as someone predetermined just to get the full picture, especially not in a BG game, hell roleplaying as someone specific is what just about every other rpg provides, BG and cprgs in general are famous for not being that. Especially if this whole Origin character thing comes at the expence of more content for our PC.

I really hope they nail the implementation, to really just make it another option, not a better choice.

Speakign off, no news so far? I read all the patch notes and such and it does feel like the aditions are very meager to be honest, I assume they are gearing up for something big but for a years worth of updates this isnt much content at all. At least an update in how exactly this all will work would be very appreciated, I see im not the only one confused and annoyed to say the least.