I’m still with Tuco on this. The more I think about it, the more I think it’s the sort of thing that only really serves to limit the potential of custom characters and disincentivizes further development in other areas, while sinking development costs at the same time.

Like I wouldn’t be surprised if the devs thought at one point, what’s the point in adding additional races, if so much effort is being put into exclusive content for the special origin characters with a fixed set of races and appearance options, for one? No work appears to have been done on custom backgrounds at all, judging from how we are still forced to be Baldurians and no new dialogue options related to that have even popped up since the start of EA.

My custom character still feels like a passenger just observing the rest of the party, and I’m not very confident this feeling may ever be shaken off, purely due to the origin system threatening to stress this further.