Im mostly curious about how would we reveal history of Origin characters, when we will play as them. O_o
I mean, Shadowheart is obvious exception in this rule ... but except her, we should know litteraly everything about them since the beginning. laugh

That, and dialogue choices ...
That puzzles me the most.
Will we get limited dialogue options, or will we get in every important conversation suggested [SHADOWHEART] options ... that we will be completely able to ignore and play her as Gith loving, benevolent, helping, selfless and Selune loving worshipper of Shar? laugh

Originally Posted by mademan2
I just saw a video where there was a full narration for many things from Astarion's pow, including but not limited to his own specific conversation options and new parts of the story we simply do not see when not playing as him.
Im affraid this was chubblots own work ...
I mean he specificly written there that he "was working on this project since patch 4" ... if that would mean to just datamine sound files and glue them to appropriate video, i gues it would be potentialy faster. O_o

I might be wrong tho, obviously ... but personaly i would not expect this in final release.

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I liked original spellcasting system more ... frown

Anyway ... i cast Eldritch Blast!