1. When I killed a *injured* Hyena in combat, instead of the game displaying them as a dead body, they instead appear alive. Happened Twice.

2. Sometimes when playing as my Demon Character (female Mephistopheles Tiefling), the tail will go haywire all over the place.

3. When playing the game, the Companions will have pathing problems. Mainly for paths that require a jump, then a climb or two, then a rock script to climb. Not exactly in this order but the pathing involves 2 or more actions.

4. Sometimes during dialogue, the character will be glitched in a environmental mesh.

5. During the Cutscene of me hooking in the navigation cords(?) on that ship, while I fall around, in the background, you can see my companions just standing there.

6. In Druids Cove, by that smithing tent and the tielfing couple, theirs a rock ledge, when you jump down their to loot the skeleton, you cant jump back up.

Ive otherwise have had a smooth experience on the DirectX11 Launcher.

PS Dont know if this was mentioned somewhere in the comments.