Ah ... +1 then. laugh

And it would not even be so hard to re-implement ...
All they need to do is give us back those two crossed swrods on bottom left corner in that conversations that was there in previous patches.
I dont even understand why (i mean if ... it allways could be just bug) they removed it from some conversations specificly (so far i know only about the first encounter with Astarion, i didnt check the feeding scene ... so maybe i should not use plural) ... now you need to have other party memeber, change controlled character to him/her, and attack Astarion directly in order to start a fight ... pretty anoying compared to simply click "battle button", since the outcome is same. :-/

Actualy more than +1 ... at least +100! laugh
Since my Gith would kill them too, not bcs he is a Vampire, but bcs he dared to attack her.
Right now its quite stupid that you need to finish talking with him and accept his apology to get the option to attack him. -_-

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