Look, bottom line is, it can't hurt to offer more elvish models. Just don't take away the ones we have or lock them out just because you chose elf.

Seriously, I still don't get the fuss about elves not being elfish enough. Take us humans. Are we all one skin tone, one body type? Do we all have pointy noses or all flat noses? Are we all tall, or all short?

No. So why can't elves also be diverse? Must all sun elves have the same skin tones with "fey" features? Can't some have pudgy noses?

Oh wait. It's because race means that you belong to a certain genetic pool. If you saw an oriental person, and they said they were full-blooded African, that would make no sense. Why? Because both descended from two different ancestral lines, forming different genetic pools. An African would not have the same characteristics as an Asian and vice versa unless they intermarried.

So the same should be true for elves, dwarves, humans, etc. An elf should not have a pudgy nose like a dwarf because it's simply not in their bloodlines. They aren't typically huge, like Halsin, because genetically, that's not a thing.

But then... Sometimes nature happens. A man with short parents is super tall. A woman with who are blond has dark hair.

So, I say that yes, there should be more elfish models, but not all elves need to be elfish. Some can look like pretty humans with pointy ears. Halsin is also fine as an exception. Maybe there's some human blood mingled in there distantly. Who knows?

Oh! Speaking of which, why can't WE create characters with Halsin's body type? The model's there! 😠