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Look, bottom line is, it can't hurt to offer more elvish models. Just don't take away the ones we have or lock them out just because you chose elf.
Is anyone asking to get rid of any of the models that already exist? I hope not - there's few enough as it is.

Seriously, I still don't get the fuss about elves not being elfish enough. Take us humans. Are we all one skin tone, one body type? Do we all have pointy noses or all flat noses? Are we all tall, or all short?

No. So why can't elves also be diverse? Must all sun elves have the same skin tones with "fey" features? Can't some have pudgy noses?
This argument is a non-starter. Yes, there is diversity among modern humans - but few if any of us would be mistaken for Neanderthals with big foreheads, in spite of our close relation and shared genes.

Elves, Dwarves, Halflings, Humans, etc. are of different "kinds" (a pre-modern idea perfectly suitable for a high fantasy setting) with different origins, and while there may be wide diversity within each group, no one is going to mistake a pudgy-nosed Elf for a Dwarf or a dashingly handsome Halfling for a Human.