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But whatever. Mods will get us all what we want anyway. So I am not really stressed either way.

Yeah. Okay. Sure. Even so, this whole "We'll fix it with a patch/DLC/mod." attitude rubs me the wrong way.

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I'd say that sums up the issue. The whole game needs some serious Forgotten Realms infused into it. Right now, it's a great game, and I love it, but it is so UN-Forgotten Realms. The more I play it and analyze it, the more I can understand why so many feel it is a DOS 3 as opposed to a Baldur's Gate 3. Story and settings say it is Baldur's Gate 3, but mechanics and models say something else.

That's another thing.

There's what's popular (Tolkien elves...specifically Peter Jackson's take on Tolkien's elves) and there's what's right (D&D elves). What do you think adds a mark of distinction to a game set in a D&D IP? What is going to make the game more memorable five or ten years beyond its release? Aesthetics matter. "Little" details matter.

For heaven's sake, how did the developers miss something as basic as the sun/moon elf divide from the get-go? I had a bad feeling in my stomach when I read a specific interview a while back ->

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... so, the chance to do that, and to bring what basically is our RPG identity to Baldur's Gate as a franchise was an opportunity too good to resist. And so, what it will do for us... uh, what we think it will do for us is it's going to show a larger segment of people, because I think Baldur's Gate 3 will reach more people than Divinity will have done... it will show a larger segment of the population what our RPGs feel like and hopefully bring them to play our other games also.

Turns out time is only proving me correct. Using the Baldur's Gate legacy to pimp your company is a no-no in my book.

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