Here is some appropriate music/ambience to have playing while perusing this thread ->

High Elves - Capital

High Elves - Day Suite

High Elves - Night

High Elves Capital - Night

Heart of the Forest

Neverwinter Wood


Good Vignette


Ashenvale - Music & Ambience

Eversong Woods - Music & Ambience

The Dreamgrove - Music & Ambience

Suramar - Music & Ambience

Blood Elves - Music & Ambience

The Owl

Southern Face Shrine

Melody of Lute

Secret of the Forest remix

Elven Tree City

Forest Shrine

Originally Posted by Goldberry
Oh, damn! I took a break and I am pleasantly surprised to see that this is still going on.

Hello everyone! I give you all a very late welcome aboard!

I wonder if anything will come out of this, namely a few new presets smile

Hello, Goldberry.

I felt that your efforts were worth preserving. The ultimate goal was to keep this beacon burning at least until the game is fully released. Like quite a few other folks here, I'm not expecting Larian to move mountains, but it's still good to have our voices heard; criticism shouldn't be silenced. Furthermore, people should know that game developers can do better with a cherished series.

What's funny is that I wasn't initially interested in elves when I got into this hobby; Human Clerics/Priests tended to be my "thing". However, with enough exposure to the right sort of authors (e.g., Elaine Cunningham), I came around and developed an appreciation for this faithful fey fixture of the fantasy genre. They definitely deserve a proper treatment. "We'll fix the issue with mods" is such an unsatisfying method of addressing the problem.

P.S. A few months ago, I shared some pictures of what I consider to be proper elves: Post 1 and Post 2. Do let me know if any of those examples live up to your standards.