Just considering BG3 is coming 20 years after BG2 with similar design problems is just atrocious.

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So overall, the point of this entire thread is that when you get down to it, BG3 actually has a lot more similarities to its predecessors than many would like you to believe. It isn't really all THAT different, when the rubber meets the pavement.

I don't think we played the same games.

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- Picking up and reading lots of books and tomes. Oh man! BG1 and 2 had LOTS of books and tomes. Nothing new here.
That was actually a quality for BG1/2. BG3 books are far simpler and probably a work-in-progress.

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- Exploration Maps with Map Gates. The only difference between BG1, 2 and 3 is that right now everything in EA is one great big ginormous Exploration Map. The Map Gates are there and even pop up the regional map. We just can't use them yet to move to other areas. Yes, BG3 feels a bit crammed together, since it's all one ginormous Exploration Map instead of one we can explore in a matter of minutes, but it is still the same basic concept.

Completely different systems and scope. Plus, Larian stated there will be no backtracking to prior areas.

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RTWP versus Turn-Based. Does it make it any less a BG game or sequel? No. It is just a different play style and ruleset.
It does make a huge difference, it was innovative and it did define BG as it made BG stand out from other RPGs at that era which were TB in their vast majority. It was a big selling point for me. It still surprises me how people defend TB these days.

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- Varied Dialogues. BG1 and 2 is well-known for its dialogues and game choices.
Well, no they are not. They are know for a pretty well told adventures. As far as variety and reactivity BG3 might as well top any other RPG in history. Unfortunately, personally I will take less choices that I care about, then plenty of choices I don't care for.

Completely agree. BG3 has the most reactivity I ever saw in a RPG, including Fallouts. But the narrative, dialogues and immersion in the game are so lacking that the choices lose their meaning.