Well, I have seen two very differenr RPGs, which have a very different way of telling a story :

- Wildermyth
- Vagrus ("Riven Realms")

I'll definitively look into them, because I have never seen a similar way of storytelling - at least that's true for Wildermyth.
Whereas Vagrus is very traditional, it also contains a lot of text - which is good for those who prefer story ofer action (what is called in DDO as so-called" "flower sniffers", people who like to see every detail of a quest).

In DDO - that's currently my favourite game, still, simply because I like its setting - I have played through very good storie - but there are bad ones as well.

I must agree, though, that Wrath Of The Righteous is epic ... I'm just not so much sure whether I'd like to have a lot of these in-game battles. Plus, Iä#ve decided a little bit more for patches.

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