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The introduction of the Sorcerer seems different than the Druid, as it has received its very own "intro screen" painting, rather than just a screenshot.




I'm speculating here, but it seems this particular Sorcerer may also be a main nautiloid-type character, available for selection in the Camp. As a result, all that Sorcerer's game elements were added... which takes a longer time and Larian wanted to get it squared away before some of the other classes.

When you are planning for a games convention you need to make impression. And Larian is planning in advance.
LArian needs something to decorate and gain as much as possible eye catchers.

That big Poster shown as screenshot is such an eyecatcher.
Instantly telling people this is an epic game with cool characters, check out Baldurs Gate 3 and play yourself this cool sorcerer.

Thats why theres visually more than just the Patch 4 Druid release.
But then again there wasnt any games convention they could go at that time when Druid Patch was introduced.
Also its their 1-year anny and then you want at least some kind of entrance to show off.
EGX2021 is not one of the biggest cons, but its a practical one to show that BG3 is coming to consoles too.

Thats some points why they choose a more visually apperance. First impressions allways count.
You want them to be positive.

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