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P.S. A few months ago, I shared some pictures of what I consider to be proper elves: Post 1 and Post 2. Do let me know if any of those examples live up to your standards.

I like most of them! Definitely! I do not believe that elves necessarily have to be as alien as the Pathfinder elves (although I certainly do not mind, I like them! The only thing I am sorta displeased with is their black alien eyes. . _ . ).

Yes, the Pathfinder elves - to me - aren't ideal; I wouldn't call them outright hideous, but their insectile eyes are a bit much. There is a time when one can step beyond convention, but there is also a time to stick with that which is tried and true.

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I just don't want them to be nothing more than human with pointy ears :< Because if they were, then half-elves and true elves would be identical. I mean, I *DEFINITELY* - even on most of the more human examples - see a clear difference between these elves and some (most) of the faces that we have ingame. *ESPECIALLY* on the male elves. Their faces are much more slender than the faces we have in BG3, and most examples that have been provided thus far have at least a slight tilt when it comes to the elven eyes.

When immersing myself in a fantasy game, I want fantastic beings to feel appropriately fantastic. Part of what makes them noteworthy is the writing (and how it reflects their psychology/cultural coloration) / acting. Inseparable - however - is their appearance. Basically, this is a package deal...if they're behaving like an elf yet do not look like one, then the conclusion I take away is "Oh, this human with tacked on elfin ears knows much about elf culture. They did their homework."

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