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I actually never considered this. The half-elf beeing more slim the the full blood elf is kind of hilarious xD

Halsin beeing an elf did throw me off a little. Theres nothing wrong about individual elves not conforming to a certain sacetic but them all lacking it is indeed kind of an issue frown

Thing is, as far as I am aware, Halsin being an elf is legit - at least as long as one is willing to step outside the current version of 5e. Wild Elves are supposed to be a bit bulky. Their average weight can be as heavy as 260 lb (120 kg) and they can be as tall as 6'6" (2 meter) tall. Halsin certainly fits that description, he even matches their physical description near perfectly with the one exception being that he is wearing a proper shirt instead of using as little clothes as possible (I am not trolling, check the wiki link above x] ) and he matches the personality description as well. On top of that, Wild elves are known to favor druid / shamanism magic. And I mean, they might not be a part of 5e (... yet?), but they DO have a history in DnD and Faerun from 3e and 4e. Perhaps Halsin's presence is a sign of wild elf potentially showing up in the the future since Larian has access to insider information from WotC?

I mean, I thought wild elves were a part of 5e before I started reading up on it - so I didn't even bat an eye at Halsin being an elf. :']

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