1.) I found an issue regarding the githyanki patrol. (After beeing wiped out during the initial try before even getting a turn,) I managed to win the encounter with some cheese strats. To keep most of my characters safe I triggered the cut scenes
with mage hand. However, this skipped the dialogs as well and led to having Lae' Zel as an enemy as well. After defeating the rest using fog cloud hiding, I managed to knock her out (without killing).
Since then, the game doesn't decide whether she is friendly or hostile to me:
- I had to make a long rest to bring her back from unconsciousness (healing didn't help)
- After the rest she was treated normally regarding inventory management and controls
- Having her near my party or in the camp will result in a fight:I control my 3 normal characters + Lae' Zel, time slows down and AoOs get triggered. Controlling both sides feels weird, especially if i don't want to fight...

2.) Sometimes Icons from spells/ abilities disappear from the hotbar and need to be dragged back into position.

3.) The AI's behavior against stealth needs some improvement (If every PC is hidden in a fog cloud, the AI won't do anything)