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You can turn that off you know, when the character is talking. Just check audio.
There is so much you can adjust. People aren't looking anymore, but write before they check.
It is still EA. If you know it doesn't add that much to warrant a full game, just come back when it is done. It is going to be a couple of months until the next big update. So live with it. There is more to life than this game wink

OR, you can live with people having negative opinions about the game. wink

I was gonna say he can fuck off but that too.

Now you have just proven why my reaction is justified. The other guy was in fact acting better than me, just having to ignore you. He/she is the wisest of us all.
But it proves what kind of people are walking around.
Of course you can have your opinion. But just letting you give a reaction, tells enough.
Oh well, @Boblawblah, I shouldn't have reacted, but it is crazy how today you have so many of these lads (because it is not a woman, I am sure, they tend to argument better) are around. They are not helping the world go forward, haha. Probably just sitting all day at their computer, just being spoilt. But enough of it. It is what it is, I guess, what the US Trump guy said.
So sorry to have gotten such a reaction in fact. Sad.

Game is doing fine, it is going forward, and hurried stuff is never good. Patience is a virtue. Larian has it under control. If you don't have a business yourself, you won't understand all that is going under the good.

Make no mistake, if your english was up to speed with your righteous spite i'd be supremely touched. As is, i have trouble understanding half of what you wrote.

Sad, i guess. Fuck off, i suppose.